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Cut ‘n Edge

At Doors R us we offer our clients state-of-the-art Cut and Edge services for carcassing, joinery and shelving purposes.

Our high-tech Cut and Edge facility uses fully computerised machinery that guarantees the least wastage of materials while optimising workflow. This basically translates into cheaper prices and a quicker turnaround time for our clients!

How it works

  1. Our client will come in with his or her cut and edge cutting list
  2. The cut list is then programmed into our system which automates the cutting process and ensures the maximum amount of panels is obtained from your melamine sheet.
  3. Your cuts are then transferred to the edge bander where your selected edge is glued to the surface

Our cut and edge products are available in a several of colours and all edging is available in 0.4mm, 1mm and 2mm.

At Doors R Us we pride ourselves on using only the very best materials and processes available in the market to ensure you are left with a high-quality product manufactured to the highest standards.

Our turnaround time is normally 5-days, depending on volumes and product, but we are always on hand to assist customers with urgent orders. We can also deliver nationwide.

Come visit our showroom or contact us for more information of our specialist cut and edge services today.